“For it is in giving that we receive.” – Prizes to Be Won!

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No-one likes to be thought of as a charity case.  Honour these children by refusing to see them as victims, but as brave, dignified individuals who would like to know that they’ve given back to you too.  Every time we reach a goal, 1 lucky winner will win the designated amount & the money can go towards can any of these discounted activities/opportunities * (OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, TRAVEL, ROMANCE) helping 12 members tick a wonderful experience/life goal off their wish list. If your dream/goal isn’t one of the discounted offers (maybe it’s entreprenerial advice for your project/venture, capital for your start-up, new headshots, film production capital, marketing for your event?) then just let me know and the money can go towards that instead.

UK Prizes

To Apply For These Prizes…

1. Join mymilliontoone.com to become a member for £1 ONCE.
2. Your name will be automatically entered for these prizes which will be drawn the day we reach each goal & annnounced immediately. [Check the T&Cs – You can win more than once.]


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* For example, this Bungee Jump could cost £4, instead of £104 if you won the £100 prize & chose this opportunity as the one for MMTO to help with. You wouldn’t receive £100 in cash. MMTO would just contact the company in question and pay £100 off the total in advance. Highland Fling Bungee

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